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The Downtown Development Committee (DDC) was created by Ordinance to advise the Village Board on matters of implementation identified in the Downtown Strategic Plan.

Mission Statement

Make the downtown a pedestrian-friendly destination centered on historic preservation, business development and cultural and recreational opportunities while noting the importance of Goal #1 of the Comprehensive Plan; to preserve and enhance the Village’s quality of life including its historical identity, its small-town atmosphere, the community events and its traditional downtown.

Village Ordinance

The DDC shall consist of five voting members each of whom shall be Village Residents and up to four non-voting members with voice. The members of the DDC shall include the following: (1) A Member of the Historic Preservation Committee (HPC) (2) A member of the Village Plan Commission and/or the Village Board (the representatives of the Village Board and Plan Commission may be the same person) (3) The Village Administrator or Community Planner.

In considering the appointment of members, the Village President may consider whether the candidates are business owners or managers of businesses in the Village; persons with known interest in local economic development; persons having general knowledge of the affairs of the Village; persons whose principal occupations offer unique skills in land use, planning, architecture, local history, local government, construction or economic development; The Chairperson shall be elected from the members and shall serve annually.

Committee Members

Daniel Adler

Voting Member and Village Trustee

David Stockwell

Voting Member

Scott Reeves

Voting Member and Historic Preservation Committee Representative

Eliza Pautz

Voting Member

Jason Wamser

Voting Member

Ryan Lilly

Non-voting Member

Sandra Kulik

Non-voting Member

Rob Jadrnicek

Non-voting Member

Ray Goodden

Non-voting Member and HIstoric Preservation Committee Representative

John Fellows

Community Planner


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John Fellows - Community Planner
Email: jfellows@villageofmukwonago.com

Daniel Adler - DDC Chairperson
Email: dadler@villageofmukwonago.com